European Space Agency / June 2016
AIM: Asteroid Touchdown

The Science Office continues to work with ESA’s Asteroid Impact Mission team, producing content to tell us all about this new and incredible ESA mission to a binary asteroid system. This time, we made a video explaining how the touchdown of the lander will work.

This will be ESA’s next landing on a small body since Rosettta’s Philae lander touched down on its comet in 2014

In 2022 the Mascot-2 microlander would be deployed from the main AIM spacecraft to touch down on the approximately 170-m diameter ‘Didymoon’, in orbit around the larger 700-m diameter Didymos asteroid.

Coordination/ Mariana Barrosa, Linda Carrette (EJR-Quartz for ESA) Scientific Consultancy/ Luis Calçada Artistic Direction/Rui Bráz Design/ Pedro Cruz Animation and Motion Graphics/ Rui Brás Music/ Paulo Raimundo.