Europlanet RI 2020 / April 2016
Transit of Mercury 2016

As part of the outreach activities we are developing for Europlanet, we produced this video about the Transit of Mercury, which is taking place on 9th May 2016.  This is a relatively a rare event: there will be another on 11th November 2019 but, after that, you’ll have to wait until 2032!

The video describes how and why this and other transits occur and offers advice on how to safely view them.

We also produced some promotional images for this campaign.

Our special thanks to Prof. David Rothery from the Open University for his help in making sure we got all the facts right.

Coordination/ Mariana Barrosa  DesignAnimation and Motion Graphics/ Inês Oliveira  Text/ David Rothery, Anita Heward  Narration/ Peter Baker