Polytechnic Institute of Porto / 2013-2014
Science by Kids

In Science by Kids, our young presenters explain, in a minute, the most complicated, intriguing and current topics of today’s science and technology. And everything will seem easier!

Over 26 episodes, you will discover the particle accelerator, find out what stem cells are, understand how cloning works, figure out what the genome is and be fascinated with augmented reality and many other exciting topics. If before science seemed distant and complicated, now you will see that it is not so difficult after all!

The themes of the 26 episodes are: Large Hadron Collider, Acoustics, Intelligent Environments, Rainbows, Biomaterials,  Electric Cars, Stem Cells,  Forensic Sciences, Cloning, Computer Graphics,  Economy Models, Renewable Energies, Genome, Artificial intelligence, Internet,  Dark Matter, Microorganisms, Nanotechnology, Prototyping,  Augmented Reality, Recycling,  Social Networks, Robotics, Automatic Translation, Transgenics and Tsunamis

The series premiered on SIC K on the 5th of May 2014.

This project was funded by  COMPETE – Competitive Factors Operational Programme and Ciência Viva, Media Science Programme

You can watch all 26 episodes on our Vimeo channel

Science by Kids was shortlisted for the 2015 European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards (EuroPAWS).

Coordination/ Mariana Barrosa, Carlos Ramos e Rafael Pedrosa Original Texts/ Instituto Politécnico do Porto and Science Office Text Adaptation and Editing/ Mariana Barrosa Scientific Consultancy/ Instituto Politécnico do Porto Directing/ Vanda Simões e Vanessa Fernandes Motion Graphics and Post Production/ Rui Bráz  Design and Illustration/ Leonor Graça Moura Presenters/ Manuel Nogueira, Marta Madeira, Daniela Soares, José Gallego and Margarida Antunes Music/ Paulo Raimundo Special Thanks/ Zippie