Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de a Coruña / October 2016
When I grow up…I want to be a Scientist

When I grow up…I want to be a scientist (De mayor… quiero ser científica) is a series of 10 short videos in which little girls and biomedical scientists show us some original professional scientific profiles like “Textile Scientist”, “Tissue Engineer” or “Pharmaceutical Researcher”. You will learn that scientists developed a special fabric to help people with arthritis, artificial organs, mathematical calculations that allow space exploration and many other amazing things you had no idea about!

The series will help us understand the tasks performed by researchers from different areas of biomedicine, relating them to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).
This is our second co-production with Voz Audiovisual, this time for the Spanish project Científicas em Biomedicina: una carrera de fondo.

Production/ Science Office and Voz Audiovisual Coordination/ Joana Magalhães   Design and Illustration/ Leonor Graça Moura Artistic Direction/ Rui Bráz and Leonor Graça Moura Motion Graphics and Animations/ Inês Oliveira and Rui Bráz  Music/Paulo Raimundo.

(Full list of credits can be found at the end of each episode)