Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy – University of Amsterdam / December 2016
Neutron Stars

Neutron stars weigh as much as the Sun but are as small as a city, their gravity is 100 billion times stronger than Earth’s and they are magnets up to 1000 billion times stronger than the ones we use to stick stuff to our fridge. Does it sound strange? it’s is!

In this video that we produced for the University of Amsterdam, we show both kids and grown ups all about these fascinating cosmic objects and about what scientists can learn by studying them. Ah, and you also get to see an elephant floating on space.

Production/ Science Office Executive Production/ Mariana Barrosa  Script/ Bárbara Ferreira Design and Illustration/ Leonor Graça Moura Artistic Direction/ Rui Bráz and Leonor Graça Moura Motion Graphics and Animations/Rui Bráz and Inês Oliveira Music/Paulo Raimundo Special thanks/ Dr. Anna Watts, Cees Walen, Linda Carette