Biomedical Research Networking Centre (Spain) / 2015
1 Minute of Biomedicine

1 Minute of Biomedicine is a 13 part series that mixes real image and animations to explain scientific concepts like nanoparticles, biomaterials, proteomics, organ engineering and many others.

The series is part of the Biomedicina con y para la Sociedad project, which aims to increase the scientific, technological and innovative culture in the biomedical field and bridge the gap between the scientific world and society through the media. It is managed by the Biomedical Research Networking Centre (Spain).

This is a Science Office and Voz Audiovisual co-production, based on an original idea by Joana Magalhães.

You can watch the videos on our Vimeo Channel.

Production/ Science Office and Voz Audiovisual Coordination/ Joana Magalhães Executive Coordination/ Mariana Barrosa and Paula Fernandez Original Texts/ Joana Magalhães, Eva Poveda López, José Vitor Araújo, Ignacio Rego and Cristina Ruiz Romero Text Adaptation and Editing/ Joana Magalhães, Elena F. Burguera and Mariana Barrosa Translations/ Manuel Eiroa Design and Illustration/ Leonor Graça Moura Artistic Direction, Motion Graphics and Animations/ Rui Bráz Music/Paulo Raimundo