European Space Agency / June 2016
Asteroid Impact Mission Fulldome

The Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) is a European Space Agency’s (ESA) mission, scheduled to be launched in 2020. AIM will travel to a binary asteroid system – the paired Didymos asteroids, which will come a comparatively close 11 million km to Earth in 2022. ESA considers AIM to be a small mission of opportunity to demonstrate technologies mainly in the telecommunications domain, but as its Proba family of missions has demonstrated, the best way to prove new technologies is to achieve valuable scientific return.

On the occasion of the Asteroid Day world wide celebrations, ESA and the International Planetarium Society teamed up to release this fulldome show about the mission, produced by the Science Office. The show is available for free, so virtually any digital planetarium in the world can use it. You can download it here:

This show is an adaptation of the Asteroid Impact Mission video, produced by the Science Office for ESA.

Our special thanks to António Pedrosa, Espinho Planetarium, Portugal

Coordination/ Mariana Barrosa, Linda Carrette (EJR-Quartz for ESA) Scientific Consultancy/ Luis Calçada Artistic Direction/ Luis Calçada, Pedro Cruz, Rui Bráz Design/ Pedro Cruz Animation and Motion Graphics/ Rui Brás, Miguel Coutinho Text/ ESA, Linda Carrette (EJR-Quartz) Music/ Paulo Raimundo English Narration/ Peter Baker  French Narration/ Ingrid Barzic German Narration/ Oliver Guse Spanish Narration/ Carlos Aparício Italian Narration/ Enrico Coromines