University of Aveiro / 2012
The Chemistry of Things

The Chemistry of Things unveils the chemistry hidden in our day-to-day lives and shows us how the recent developments of Science contribute to the welfare of Society. Everything around us, in Nature and elsewhere is made of “chemicals”. Chemistry is in the basis of Life and has a fundamental role on modern society, sometimes in surprising ways and in unexpected “things”. “Things” that lay at the distance of a “click” on the several platforms of this project.

The Chemistry of Things is available on multiple platforms and formats: A series of 26 episodes for television broadcasted on RTP2 (Portuguese National Television) and SIC K, Official websiteFacebook, Twitter and other social networks, Application for iPad, Collectible brochures + DVD, iBook.

This project is based on an original idea by Paulo Ribeiro Claro (University of Aveiro) and developed by the Science Office and Duvideo Filmes.

The Chemistry of Things was produced by the Science Office for the University of Aveiro in the framework of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 and funded by COMPETE – Competitive Factors Operational Programme and by Ciência Viva, Media Science Programme.

The Chemistry of Things, on a screen near you!

Project Coordination/ Paulo Ribeiro Claro, Mariana Barrosa Original texts/ Paulo Ribeiro Claro Adaptation and editing of texts/ Paulo Ribeiro Claro, Mariana Barrosa Scientific consultancy/ Paulo Ribeiro Claro, Brian Goodfellow Screenplay and Direction/ Vanda Simões Production Director/ João Nuno Martins Production/ Andreia Rosa Director of Photography/ Fernando Santos Motion Graphics/ Pedro Bravo 3D and Post-Production/Miguel Castro Design and illustration/ Antonio Cruz Music/ Paulo Raimundo Presenter/ Claudia Semedo iPad application/TECField Web development/ Science Office