Portuguese Astronomical Society / 2009
1 Minute of Astronomy

1 Minute of Astronomy is a series of 13 episodes produced for the Portuguese Public National Television (RTP) in the framework of the International Year of Astronomy 2019 celebration.

In each of the one minute episodes, a Portuguese celebrity explains a concept of astronomy, such as Black Holes, Dark Matter, Eclipses, and Comets. The series was aired daily for a month, several times a day, on RTP’s several channels, in November 2009.

We also created a website where the episodes can be viewed. Several Portuguese professional astronomers joined in the project by writing popular astronomy articles about each of the themes of the videos, thus giving the public the change to have easy access to more information about the scientific topics discussed in the episodes.

This project was sponsored by the Portuguese Governmental Funding Agency for Science and Technology – Ciência Viva.

The Science Office received the National Multimedia Award 2010 in the category of Education & Training for this project.

Production/ Science Office and Duvideo Scripts/ Lee Pullen, Mariana Barrosa, Luís Calçada and Pedro Russo Design/ André Roquette Director/ Vanessa Fernandes Music/ Paulo Raimundo Presenters (with our special thanks)/ Sílvia Alberto, Cláudia Semedo, Jorge Gabriel, Francisco Mendes, Maria Gambina, Nuno Markl, Sérgio Godinho, Margarida Martins, Nicolau Breyner, Carla Chambel, Helena Coelho, Luís Represas, Vitor de Sousa