The Science Office / 2010
Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders

What do you get when you mix a pair of adventurous twins, a mischievous cat and a globe with magic powers? A whole lot of fun with Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders, a book that will leave you “really wishing” for more!

Alice and Andy are twins. They have just turned seven and like most children their age, they are curious, dynamic and always alert to what goes on around them. On their birthday they receive a very strange present from their favourite uncle, Thomas: a globe with magic powers! Thanks to the magic globe the twins, always accompanied by their mischievous cat Jo, explore fantastic places on our planet Earth and beyond, in the infinite sky. Join Alice, Andy and Jo the cat on an unforgettable journey around the world. Using a magic globe and the special words “really wish”, follow them as they explore above and below the Earth, meeting lots of new friends on the way.

The adventures of Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders is available as an iPad app featuring text and narration in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.


This fantastic adventure is also available as an e-book in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, in several formats for your convenience:

  • On Amazon, available for: Kindle, Kindle for PC, Kindle Mac, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for Android
  • On the iBookstore, available for: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • for the Nook
  • Reader Store for Sony’s Reader
  • Kobo, for Kobo eReader

Project Management/ Mariana Barrosa Text/ Mariana Barrosa, Lee Pullen Illustrations/ André Roquette, Mafalda Martins Programming and Development/ TECField Translations/ Karin Ranero, Katia Montironi, Julia Westner, Anita Bauer iPad App Design/ Luís Calçada, André Roquette, Mariana Barrosa, Pedro Russo Music/ Moullinex Sound/Luis Clara Gomes Voices/ Nuno Lopes (Portuguese), Debora Avilar Escobar (Spanish), Ingrid Barzic (French), Colleen Sharkey (English USA), Rob Wyn Jones (English), Anita Bauer (German) ePub programming/ Bruno Rino, João Brito. Special thanks/ Colleen Sharkey, Juan Carlo Avanti, Débora Avila Escobar, Ingrid Barzic, Andrea Ribeiro, Dominika Babis, Jonas Imbery, Peter Rixner, Martin Kornmesser.