European Space Agency / August/2021
Marine Litter

Meet bag, bottle and straw, three bits of plastic left on the beach.

They are only small, but they are heading into the ocean, where they could cause big damage. ESA is exploring how satellites can help detect and reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. From spotting build-ups of marine litter to tracking ocean currents, satellites could be game-changing in tackling this enormous environmental problem.

Though engaging for children and adults alike, this video is designed with primary school students in mind. In particular, teachers can use it to introduce the topic of marine litter in subjects such as geography and science.

This video was produced by the Discovery & Preparation elements of ESA’s Basic Activities.

Executive Producer/ Mariana Barrosa, Nicole Shearer (EJR-Quartz) Art Direction and Illustration/ David Santos Directing and Animation/ Rui Braz Script/ Nicole Shearer  Narrator/ Leonora Haig