Mercator Ocean International / March-November 2021
Ocean Explainers

What is operational oceanography? How is the ocean monitored? Why is ocean acidification a threat? What are the current policies that protect the ocean?

These are some of the questions you will find answers to at the dedicated ocean literacy portal of the Copernicus Marine Service, implemented by Mercator Ocean International.

in in you can learn about the fascinating world of operational oceanography, explore how satellite observations, models and in situ information help us monitor, understand and predict the ocean’s characteristics and learn about the phenomena and threats concerning our ocean.

The Science Office, in collaboration with our partners at EJR-Quartz, was responsible for producing all the visuals, illustrations and infographics for these pages.

Project Coordination/ Mercator Ocean, Mariana Barrosa (SO), Linda Carrette and Susan Kelly (EQ) Design and Illustration/ David Santos Web Development/ Eau de Web