Who we are

About the Science Office

The Science Office combines science with communication and brings the scientific message to different publics, through original channels and contemporary languages. Messages will reach not only the usual public for these kinds of products (scientists, students, teachers, people with a general interest in science), but also the so-called “general audience”, a more unusual target for this area.The Science Office is a network of professionals with excellent skill-sets in communication, science, and everything in between.
The Science Office team is flexible enough to operate in a vast number of areas, yet homogeneous enough to manage an effective synergy between the many disciplines that are present in its projects.

What we believe in


This is the basis of competent and credible science communication and will always be assured by scientific consultancy in the areas covered by the different projects


As crucial in science communication as the standards of conduct for scientists in their professional endeavoursts


Each project and client will be considered unique and their needs and specificities will be the main focus of our work.

Why we're awesome

Meet the team

Mariana Barrosa
Executive Director / Project Management
Pedro Russo
Luís Calçada
Rui Bráz
Scientific Visualisation / Motion Graphics
Leonor Graça Moura
Design / Illustration / Typography
Miguel Coutinho
3D Artist / Motion Graphics
Bárbara Ferreira
Script Writer/Science Writer
Thilina Heenatigala
Social Media Management
Anita Heward
Media Relations (Europlanet)
Lee Pullen
Science Writing
Paulo Raimundo