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Science Office part of 10M€ scientific project

The Science Office is part of the European consortium Europlanet 2020 which will support activities in planetary sciences throughout Europe. Continue reading »


View Rosetta’s comet

You wished you could see all the images of the intriguing 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet Continue reading »


Showreel 2015

These last few months have been really exciting for the Science Office Continue reading »


1 Minute of Biomedicine

Today is the day we show you a preview of one of our most recent projects, “1 Minute of Biomedicine”.
Continue reading »


Bang Goes an Asteroid

On the occasion of the first Asteroid Day the European Space Agency promoted its Asteroid Impact Mission,with images produced by the Science Office! Continue reading »


New video published by ESA

Our latest production was released today by the European Space Agency (ESA). Continue reading »


Europlanet-European Planetology Network

Later this year the Science Office, together with the University Collegue London (UCL), will become responsible for coordinating the outreach and engagement activities of the European Planetology Network (Europlanet). Continue reading »


AIM-the new ESA space mission

In 2020, the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch a new mission, the Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM). Continue reading »


PAXI now in 6 languages

The Paxi animated series is now available in 6 different languages. Continue reading »



The new animation series produced by The Science Office is now online at the European Space Agency’s website.

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Ambition – the film, is out!  Continue reading »


Our Universe

We produced the title sequence for “Our Universe”, Continue reading »

ciencia por miudos_news2

Science by Kids premieres next week

The Science Office’s latest TV production, Science by Kids, premiers on the 5th of May, on SIC KIDS. Continue reading »


The Science Office opens office in Munich

Continuing the internationalization process the Science Office has been working on for the past three years, we are pleased to invite you to see our new office in Munich. Continue reading »


The (truly) Periodic Table in English

If you know all about the periodic table of the elements, you’ll love this video. Continue reading »


Where is Rosetta?

The Science Office and Tecfield developed the web app “Where is Rosetta?” for the European Space Agency (ESA). Continue reading »


The (truly) Periodic Table in the Pavilion of Knowledge

The video “The (truly) Periodic Table “, produced by the Science Office for the University of Aveiro, is now part of a permanent installation at the entrance of the “Pavilion of Knowledge”, in Lisbon. Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things in VerCiência

The Chemistry of Things is part of the programming of VerCiência, 19th International Science on TV Festival which will take place 21-27 October in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in Brazil. Continue reading »


The (truly) Periodic Table

The (truly) Periodic Table has premiered on television. Continue reading »


Training videos for LIERAC

The Science Office recently produced a series of six videos for the cosmetics brand LIERAC. Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things on Sic K

The Chemistry of Things returns to television screens today on the Sic Kids channel. Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things shortlisted for EuroPAWS 2013

The Chemistry of Things, produced by the Science Office for the University of Aveiro, has been shortlisted for the 2013 European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards (EuroPAWS) in two categories: New Media Productions and Women in Science. Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things in Casa das Ciências

Our project The Chemistry of Things is now part of the educational resources of the Casa das Ciências (House of Sciences), Gulbenkian’s teachers portal. Continue reading »


The (truly) Periodic Table

We are now producing a new video about the Periodic Table at full steam. Continue reading »

Ciencia por Miudos logo

Science by Kids already took off

New Year, new projects! Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things on the iPad

The Chemistry of Things iPad application is already available on the App Store. Continue reading »


The Chemistry of Things highlighted by COMPETE

The Chemistry of Things was selected to be published in the monthly newsletter of COMPETE and is featured on their website.

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The Chemistry of Things is already on a screen near you!

The new big project from The Science Office, The Chemistry of Things, is out. Continue reading »


Full house to hear and see Moonrise

The  Suggia Room, at Casa da Música in Porto, was full for Moonrise, last 17th of March. Continue reading »


New Science Office project premiers tomorrow on television

The Chemistry of Things premieres tomorrow in RTP2, at 13H55.

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Science Office joins music and science at Casa da Música, Porto

The Science Office and the Portuguese Astronomical Society bring the astronomer and science visualizer José Francisco Salgado to Portugal for a concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Porto Casa da Música, on the 17th March, at 18:00.

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The Chemistry of Things:new project opens soon

The Chemistry of Things unveils the chemistry hidden in our day-to-day lives and shows how its recent developments contribute to our welfare.

It’s the Science Office’s new project, in a partnership with the Chemistry Department of the University of Aveiro, produced in the framework of the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

The Chemistry of Things will be available on television, radio, newspapers, internet, social networks, and iPad and will see the light of day very soon.

Until then visit the Facebook page and take a look at the trailer.


The Science Office at the EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011

The Science Office is supporting the Press Office at the EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011. Our science writer Lee Pullen is working on site at the conference, which is the first cooperation between the European Planetology Network and the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. Continue reading »


1 Minute of Astronomy opens European Researchers’ Night 2011

The TV series “1 Minute of Astronomy “, produced by the Science Office and winner of the National Multimedia Award 2010, will be the first of eight Portuguese documentaries to be shown at the Researchers’ Night 2011, on the 23rd September, in Porto.

The European Researchers’ Night allows scientists and the general public to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. The exchange of ideas and experiences this initiative provides is intended to contribute to building a better image of researchers to the public and demonstrate that science is not as complicated as you think after all.

Promoted and funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development, the European Researchers’ Night runs on the same day in several European countries and Israel. In Portugal, 15 cities will host events.

In Porto, this year’s edition features a cycle of Portuguese science documentaries, entitled “Scientific Shorts – Scientific Cinema Cycle,” a marathon of eight films shown throughout the day (23rd, between 17h30 and 24h), at the Reitoria of the University of Porto, in a partnership between with the Associação Viver a Ciência (VAC), the Asociación de Amigos da Casa das Ciencias (AACC) and the Mostra de Ciência e Cinema da Corunha.

More information on the Portuguese website of the Researchers’ Night, the Associação Viver a Ciência website and on the European Researcher’s Night website.

To remember “1 Minute of Astronomy” click here.

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The Science Office joins the EIBTnet Programme

The EIBTnet is a technology entrepreneurship programmme that aims to support the development, implementation, creation and consolidation of new and innovative technology-based companies, and is supported by NET – Business and New Technologies, SA Continue reading »


The Circulatory System

Excerpts from the video “The Circulatory System” produced by the Science Office for the publisher Santillana Constância. Continue reading »


International Planet Earth Day 2011

To celebrate the International Planet Earth Day 2011, the Science Office offers you an educational poster about our planet. Continue reading »


Take a look at our showreel

…  and get to know what the Science Office does a bit better, through some samples of the work we’ve been developing lately. Continue reading »


The Science Office teams up with KV265 to promote science through art

The Science Office teams up with KV265, a new a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire an appreciation and understanding of science through art to the general public, students, and educational institutions in the United States and around the world. Continue reading »


New iPad educational app for children explores the planet Earth in five languages

Discovering our planet Earth and the amazing cosmos beyond just got a whole lot more fun thanks to a new interactive iPad educational app: Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders. This delightful and original story is written with scientifically accurate language and beautifully illustrated throughout. New technology means you can read and play the book, learning about our Earth and the incredible people and animals who live here. And you get all this in five different languages that you can choose from. Continue reading »


Discover Planet Earth in the first adventure of the twins Alice & Andy

The Science Office releases science book for children as an e-book, hardcover and iPad application Continue reading »

book store

Alice & Andy in the Universe of Wonders: e-book is already available!

The adventures if the twins Alice & Andy and their mischievous cat Jo are already available as an e-book on Amazon and iBookstore, in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. Continue reading »

International Science Film Festival

1 Minute of Astronomy selected for Festival

The TV series 1 Minute of Astronomy, produced by the Science Office and Duvideo, was selected for competition at the “International Science Film Festival”, that took place between the 18th and 24th October in Athens, Greece.

Visit the festival’s website


Porto, background for José Francisco Salgado’s new project

The latest acquisition of the Science Office team, the astronomer and science visualizer José Francisco Salgado, was recently in Porto, Portugal to shoot the Moon using various locations around town as a backdrop and inspiration for his new science-art project. Continue reading »


Member of the Science Office proposes Dangerous Ideas for Portugal

Pedro Russo, one of the members of the Science Office, proposes the creation of centers of excellence outside the urban centers in the book “Dangerous Ideas to Portugal – proposals which are likely to save the country “. Continue reading »


José Francisco Salgado joins the Science Office

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome José Francisco Salgado, who is now a member of the Science Office team. Welcome, JF! Continue reading »


New astronomy book edited by Science Office members is out now

Postcards from the Edge of the Universe, a book edited by two members of The Science Office, has been launched during the Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting 2010 in Lisbon. Lee Pullen and Mariana Barrosa were joined by other book contributors for an unveiling and signing session on Tuesday 7 September. The book is a legacy of The Cosmic Diary, an International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone project which was managed by Lee and Mariana. Continue reading »


The Science Office takes up the Press Office of the Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting 2010

European Astronomy comes to Lisbon in September for the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science. Continue reading »

Prémio Nacional Multimédia 2010

1 Minute of Astronomy winner of the 5th edition of the National Multimedia Prize, in the category of Education and Training

The National Multimedia Award, presented by the Association for the Promotion of Multimedia (APMP), distinguish talent and creativity to projects in multimedia and contributes to the development of this area in Portugal. The award was given to the producers of the program, in the category of Education & Training, during a ceremony held yesterday at the Electricity Museum, in Lisbon. Continue reading »


1 Minute of Astronomy is one of the three finalists for the National Multimedia Prize

The TV Series “1 Minute of Astronomy” is one of the three finalists for the 5th Edition of the National Multimedia Prize, in the category of Education and Training.
The awards ceremony will take place on the 23rd of June, in the Electricity Museum, in Lisbon. For more information:


The Science Office receives Honorable Mention in the 2nd National Prize for Creative Industries

The Science Office has received the Honorable Mention in the National Prize for Creative Industries 2010, a Serralves / Unicer initiative. Continue reading »

Seeds Gala_update

The Science Office cooperates with the Science Gala 2010

The Science Office has produced the presentation videos for the Seeds of Science Awards 2010. Continue reading »


Cloudviews Conference 2010

The Cloudviews Conference 2010 takes place today and tomorrow, in Porto. Continue reading »


Science Office announces members of the Advisory Board

To ensure the scientific and technical quality of their products and projects, the Science Office constituted an Advisory Board which will validate the company’s work in various areas of science and technology. Continue reading »


Science Office is attending Media For Science Forum

The Science Office is participating in the European Forum Media For Science in Madrid, Spain on the  12th and 13th of May.  Continue reading »


Science Office featured in Ciência Hoje

The Portuguese online newspaper Ciência Hoje (Science Today) published an interview with Mariana Barrosa, Executive Director of the Science Office, in which she speaks of the company, their projects and the state of science communication in Portugal.

Continue reading »


Cloudviews 2010: Cloud Computing Conference

The 2nd edition of the Cloud Computing Conference, organised by EuroCloud Portugal, starts on 20 May .It will be held at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia of Instituto Politécnico do Porto, Portugal. Continue reading »


Science Office selected for the Creative Industries National Prize

The Science Office was selected as one of the 10 finalists of the National Prize for Creative Industries – Serralves/Unicer. This prize is an initiative of Unicer Bebidas, SA and Serralves Foundation, in partnership with the Innovation Agency, ANJE, BPI, ESAD, Youth Foundation, IAPMEI, LMS Design, University Nova in Lisbon and Porto University. Continue reading »


1 Minute of Astronomy selected for Festival

The TV series 1 Minute of Astronomy, produced by the Science Office and Duvideo, was selected for competition at the “Vedere la Scienza Film Festival”, that will take place between the 22nd and 28th March in Milan, Italy. The episode “Why is Astronomy Important?” will be shown on the 25th and the episode“Extrasolar Planets” will be shown on the 27th, both at 10:00h, local time.

Visit the festival’s website


1 Minute of Astronomy on itunes

The 13 episodes of the 1 Minute of Astronomy TV series produced by the Science Office and Duvideo, are now available for free download on iTunes, with subtitles in Portuguese, English and French. Subscribe the podcast!